Membership Information

Membership at Deerfield

Once you decide that Deerfield provides you with the challenge that you need, membership is the next step. Deerfield has a very active membership association.

In addition to Men’s Night, Couple’s Night and Ladies’ Day, Deerfield Members enjoy about a dozen tournaments per year. The Deerfield Member’s Association is fundamental in organizing these events as well as representing the members’ views to the management of the course.

Membership includes unlimited free use of the driving range, club storage and cleaning and access to the Members’ locker room and the Members’ Loft.

While members enjoy the ability to assign any clubhouse or course charges to your account for monthly billing ,there is no monthly clubhouse minimum at any time during the year.

Membership Fee Schedule (prices subject to applicable taxes)



2020Annual Dues plus HST
(dues payable March 1st of each year)

Single $2,900.00
Couple $5,450.00
Intermediate – Ages 19 to 25 $1,850.00
Junior – Ages 12 to 18 (with parent member) Restrictions** $1,350.00

Dues Include

Green fees – Pull carts – Advance booking – Driving range
No monthly minimum in clubhouse
** Restrictions for juniors: No play on weekends/holidays until after 2 p.m. and no club storage.


Men’s Half $48.15 | Men’s Full $80.25  (includes taxes)
Ladies Half $32.10 | Ladies Full $48.15 (includes taxes)

Membership Dues (includes taxes)

All members are required to pay GAO/RCGA/CLGA dues plus DMA (Deerfield Members’ Association) dues as follows:
Men & Ladies Dues $37.50  (includes taxes)
Junior Dues $27.00  (includes taxes)